Kelly Pasholk, creator, Wink Visual Arts

I was born and raised in central Wisconsin. That strong mid-western work ethic is engraved in my psyche.

From a long line of artisans and entrepreneurs, the gifts of meticulousness and attention to detail come from both the maternal and paternal sides of my family.

My father was a watchmaker and a jeweler — an entrepreneur with a meticulous eye and an appreciation for beauty. Not to mention the precision of great eye/hand coordination.

My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmothers (and likely more generations back) were excellent seamstresses, quilters and needle workers. My mother with her Singer sewing machine, Grandma with needles of all sorts — sewing, knitting, crochet, and nursing. My great-grandmother made beautiful, detailed quilts by hand as well as other fabric and thread works of art. Her daughter, my great aunt, was a painter and writer. A love of color, texture and words is my ancestral gift.

Wedding band quilt by Kelly’s great-grandmother.

Nature or nurture? I say both. I nurtured my creativity which arose naturally. Less content with staying inside the lines of the coloring books, I’d draw my own lines. Still do.

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